Tuesday, July 25, 2017

More 2017 A&G: WalMart Blasters (x3)!

As you probably know, I love Allen & Ginter...but I don't love it enough to fork over $125 for another hobby box (which is the going rate at the moment).  So, I ventured to my local WalMart and as luck would have it, they had three blasters of 2017 A&G in stock.

Not wanting to let a good thing pass me by, I grabbed all three (along with some groceries and other items) and called it a day.  Since I was hoping to get something cool from the blasters, I recorded myself ripping all three in one video.  

Truth be told, not a lot cool.  *shrug emoji*

Although I didn't strike it rich, I did get a few nice cards for my set including the first three Horse in the Race minis!

If you have any Ginter for trade, please check out my want list as I am still needing a lot of cards!

For those wondering, here is the final tally of how I managed to do with my three blasters...

Note:  The number in parenthesis is the number of cards that I pulled that I actually needed for my set out of the total number I was missing at the time.

Base cards:  84 - including 5 duplicates  (9/47)
Base short prints:  12 (2/4)
Revolutionary Battles:  2 (0/0)
Sport Fish & Fishing Lures:  5  (0/2)
World's Fair:  5  (0/1)
What a Day!:  12  (4/53)
Constellations:  1 (1/8)
Magicians & Illusionists:  1 (0/11)
Horse in the Race:  3 (3/25)
World's Dudes:  2 (1/35)

I also ended up with 8 regular minis, 2 regular mini short prints, 5 A&G back minis, 1 A&G back mini short print, and 1 black bordered mini.

Overall, I landed 20 new cards for my set, 9 of which were inserts of some sort.  I guess that's not terrible, but it definitely wasn't worth the $60 I spent either.  On the bright side, I do have plenty of trade bait now...

Monday, July 24, 2017

2017 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 5: Packs 17 - 24

This is it, the final eight packs from my purchase of five boxes of 2017 Topps Allen & Ginter.  I'm definitely wishing I had had the cash to buy a few more boxes, this year's set is great.  However, I'm still happy with what I did get...and let's see the final few cards from my purchase.

Box 5:
Packs 17 - 24:

You knew I'd show off the fish cards first.  The sailfish card is particularly cool, though even the Yellowfin Tuna card looks nice.  The mixing of the fish and the lure works particularly well - I still love this set and I haven't tired of it despite getting five cards from the set per box!

Another set I haven't tired of is the World's Dudes set.

I admit that when I saw this was the "large" mini set, I wasn't overly enthused.  But seeing the cards in hand (and reading the interesting backs of them) has completely changed my mind.  The set is awesome and I'm definitely going to work hard to try and track down all the cards that I'm missing from the set.

On the other hand, the Magicians and Illusionists set sounded interesting when I first saw the checklist but I find the actual cards to be less inspiring than expected.

I'm not sure why exactly (the write-ups on the back are perfectly fine).  I guess the set doesn't really feel all that different than some of the other sets Topps has done in the past.

One set that is quite different is the constellations mini set.

These are cool in that you get a glow-in-the-dark representation of the constellation on the front of the card.  The card back gives you a bit of information about the constellation and the stars that make up the constellation.  Once again, Topps has exceeded my expectations with this mini set!

And finally, my third hit of the box and the final card of my five box break:

Yep, another full size relic card.  At least this one has a blue strip to add a bit of variety and interest to it.

That does it for my purchase of 2017 Allen & Ginter.  Given the high prices of boxes at the moment, I don't see myself buying any more for awhile.  That means it is time to trade - so hit me up if you have any cards that I need and hopefully we can work something out!

2017 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 5: Packs 9 - 16

This is the second post from my final box of 2017 Topps Allen & Ginter.  In the first part (posted earlier this morning), I pulled yet another autograph from the set.  What will we get this time around?

Box 5:
Packs 9 - 16:

Once again, we look at the fish card first.

I didn't get a whole lot worth mentioning in this middle set of packs, but I did land a pair of mini inserts which I'll take all day.  The first was another Required Reading card.

That's Wuthering Heights and I'm starting to think I haven't read a single one of the works on the Required Reading set checklist.  That makes me feel like a bit of a bad scholar if I'm being honest.  I'll have to check the list to see what other literary masterpieces are on there, hopefully there is at least one that I've read.

The other mini insert was one of the World's Dudes cards, this time the Violin Dude.

According to the card back, playing the violin burns roughly 170 calories per hour, or about 100 more than reading or watching television.  Maybe instead of reading great works of literature, I should take up the violin?

And finally, our (underwhelming) hit:

That's Manny Machado in the full frame relic version A (at least that's the better design in my opinion).  Not much else to say about that other than when you pull an autograph first you can't expect much out of the remaining two hits in the box.

Only one set of packs to go and my 2017 Allen & Ginter experience will be over.  I really enjoyed this year's set...it's too bad that the hype machine for Aaron Judge has pushed individual boxes up over the $125 mark (as of the time I'm typing this post at least).  I could see myself buying a couple more boxes but not at those prices, there's almost no way you'll make your money back - or even half of you money back at that kind of price point.

2017 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 5: Packs 1 - 8

It's hard to believe it but my five boxes of 2017 Topps Allen & Ginter are almost completely ripped.  At this point, I am down to the fifth and final box of my purchase...  Let's get to it!

Box 5:
Box loader:

This time around, I scored Alex Bregman.  I may not have a lot of interest in the box toppers this year but at least I managed to pull five different cards (and they have interesting backgrounds if nothing else).

Packs 1 - 8:

As usual, I must start with the fish cards.  I'm interested to see if I managed to score the entire fish set from my five boxes (the set has a total of 20 cards and you get five per box).  If I had good luck with the collation, I should have the entire set...but we shall see when I get to sort everything out!

Next, a black bordered mini of my current favorite non-Reds player:  Jose Altuve.

No real reason to show that card off other than the fact that I love Altuve.

I did get one mini insert in this set of eight packs - another Bust a Move card (which I needed).

Who knew that the Break Dance had actual dance moves?  Certainly not me.

And finally, my third (!) autograph in five boxes (that's much better than in previous years).

That's Tom Arnold, actor and comedian...and it is a great way to start the final box break!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

2017 Allen & Ginter: Box 4: Packs 17 - 24

Edit #1:  Looking to trade for some Allen & Ginter cards?  I have a BIG TRADE BAIT PAGE here.
Edit #2:  Looking for some of my better Allen & Ginter pulls, including the relic from this post?  Here's a link to my current eBay auctions which include a lot of 2017 Ginter (and also a bunch of short prints from 2008 Topps Heritage).


I'm back with the final eight packs out of my fourth box of 2017 Topps Allen & Ginter.  This box has proven to be a decent one with an autograph and a Brooklyn back mini leading the way.  Can we find something else to make it a truly great box?  Let's find out together.

Box 4:
Packs 17 - 24:

Once again, I must show off the fish card.

Walleye are popular fish among fishermen in my area though I can't say that I've ever eaten Walleye before.

Only two minis worth mentioning this time around, both are inserts including another World's Dude card (which I love).

The University Track Dude is kind of hilarious looking.  The photo is perfect for a set like this, kudos to Topps for that.

The other insert is another one of the Bust a Move cards - this time for the Tango.

I can't dance to save my life - and I'm not sure the written step-by-step instructions on the back can save me...but I do appreciate the card design.  Once again, kudos to Topps.

For all of the complaining I hear about Topps, I have to say that they brought their A game (for the most part) with this year's edition of Allen & Ginter.  I think the worst part of the design is the box loaders - they aren't awful but they simply don't interest me the way some of the more oddball designs used to.

Speaking of not really interesting me, the non-framed relics are pretty dull in my eyes.  My final hit of the box was Xander Bogaerts of the Red Sox.

Not the most exciting ending to a box, but I'm still happy to have landed two more mini inserts for my set.  I've greatly enjoyed this year's edition of Ginter (I wish I had had the cash to buy a case) but at least I have one more box remaining to open.  Let's hope for more magic in that one!